Singapore Bible College Library    新加坡神学院图书馆



      教務雜誌資料庫(The Chinese Recorder Index Search Engine)                   



New Arrivals

Opening Hours   开放时间


Library Opening Hours   图书馆开放时间

From 3/1/17 to 7/1/17      

Tuesday to Friday          9am to 5pm

Sat                                 Closed


Semester Time  学期时间 (9/1/17 onwards)

Monday to Thursday       8am to 9pm

Friday                              8am to 8pm

Saturday                         9am to 1pm

Semester Break  学期假期

Monday to Friday            9am to 5pm

Saturday                         Closed


Library Closed   图书馆不开放

* 1/12/2016 to 2/1/2017

* Sundays & Public Holidays  星期日与公共假期

* Combined Chapel every Thursday

  from 10:10am to 11:00am

  每逢星期四联合崇拜从早上10:10 到11:00 之间


Notices   通告

Visitors 访客

All Visitors are requested to register at the library counter



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Last modified 7 December 2017